Only from the heart 

can you touch the sky

~ Rumi

who am i?

why am i here?

where am i going? 

In the midst of our ever accelerating race, that which is timeless within us beckons us to return to our origins. The remedy to our existential malady is born from reconnection, from remembering. Hence rises the renaissance of shamanic ceremonies and ancient sacred medicines.

Ceremonial Healing

Shamanic rituals have been used from time immemorial to heal and treat issues, whether physical, energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual. 

With deep, authentic self-enquiry, we are able to peer, as with a periscope, above the ocean of family, school and societal conditioning and expand our horizons. Through actively participating in ceremony, we can take responsibility for our wellbeing, and heal wounds that in their complexity require a deeply holistic and multi-levelled approach.

Addiction, anxiety, depression, and anger all stem from trauma, unexpressed emotions, and false belief systems of self and life. 

When this state of inner unrest and imbalance is ignored for too long, it manifests into all levels of our being from dysfunctional relationships to physical dis-ease. By courageously exploring the root and meaning of our pain, we can begin to accept ourselves unconditionally and return to our natural state of harmony.

Love is the single most powerful force in the Universe

and the apex of our work. 

In rediscovering the connection to our true essence, our Radiant Self, we can realise more fully what it means to be a human being. When we allow our hearts to govern, we are able to make wiser choices and live a happier, more fulfilled life. Understanding and embodying self-love is one of the fundamental keys to inner peace. From this place, we can find gratitude for our lives, and foster forgiveness for ourselves and others.  

Our Healing Practice

A carefully crafted combination of ancient shamanic techniques, traditional Amazonian medicine and natural wellness are the keys to our work. 

We named our healing practice ‘Wistin Origins’ in honour of our celestial heritage. ‘Wistin’ means star in the Shipibo language.

We spent 5 years learning curanderismo with masters from Shipibo, Quichua and Mestizo lineages in the Peruvian Amazon. Our training consisted of traditional initiations and ’dietas’ (fasting and spiritual communion with master plants) in complete isolation as part of a strict purification process.

Our mission is to preserve the sacred practices of ceremonial healing and help restore the realisation of our true nature as human beings. 

As healers, our work is to diagnose and treat spiritual, energetic and emotional imbalances and intrusions — ultimately to strengthen and inspire the person to be able to heal themselves. On a community level, we strive to awaken authenticity, compassion and responsibility, to help heal our families and relationships to all beings.

We find deep fulfilment in sharing of the great teachings and tools bestowed onto us in order to help empower and equip others to consciously navigate in the spirit world and daily life alike, for they are one and the same. This whole life is a ceremony

Our Commitment

Every year we return to the Amazon rainforest to reconnect with our spiritual home and make the sacred remedies.

The process of cooking the medicine is not only an act of following a recipe and boiling certain ingredients together; it is an ancient craft and a sacred ritual. While the medicine is being made, we eat very humble, basic foods and abstain from all distractions, in order to create a sacred space for the brew, and honour the way of the curanderos. During many hours of cooking, we sing Icaros for the spirits, calling in the beautiful visions and healing energies. Mapacho, the sacred Tobacco, is blown over the brew as a blessing.

Every loving intention, prayer and song adds an ingredient,  just as water holds memory. 

Ayahuasca is Quechua for ‘vine of the soul’. 

The beloved child has many names. It is known throughout the Amazonian tribes by at least 42 different names, like Yagé, Natem, Oni, Caapi, Mado and Nixi. 

In the preparation of this potent remedy, the ayahuasca vine endures a heavy, heavy pounding. In order to create maximum surface area, to yield maximum amount of the medicinal properties in the cooking, we must hammer the vine into very fine splinters. 

Perhaps in the healing process of our soul, now Ayahuasca in turn gives us a good hammering – pounding away at the negative aspects of our ego! 

To learn more about the remedies we work with, click here


To respectfully work with the plants, we must also take into consideration the wellbeing of the land and the culture where they come from. Therefore, when we begin to harvest, we must also begin to cultivate.

In the Spring of 2019, we purchased 5 hectares of beautiful Peruvian jungle land, with an intention of protection, cultivation and having a place of our own to prepare the remedies.


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